Aitken Games

I had the idea for KBRD for a few years but never got round to actually making it. The idea would take the classic Breakout concept but add a twist where the players must use their keyboards to create the paddle.

One day I decided to make a quick prototype for it and post it to Twitter where it unexpectedly got a lot of attention.

My Tweet got so much attention that KBRD was featured in SpeedTutor's 'Made With Unity' video

It even got an article written by Jonathan Bolding on

Read the article here

KBRD is a fast-paced and exciting game that puts a unique twist on the classic Breakout formula. In this game, you control the paddle using the keys on your keyboard, allowing for precise and skillful play. As you progress through the various levels, you must hit obstacles to gain points, and then score even more points by hitting the ball with the paddle. The smaller the paddle, the higher the multiplier, so be careful and aim well to maximize your score. Can you rise to the top of the leaderboards and become a KBRD master?

The game is still in development and I have been posting updates to my Twitter but you can play the prototype build down below.